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6 Apps Health Wary Individuals Should Try


More and more people are getting hooked and depending on technology. It shares some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to its effects on people. Despite the share of disadvantages, no one can deny the importance and the benefits that technology gives us.

It has made a lot of tasks and jobs a lot easier, more practical and can be even enjoyable. One of the most commonly used technologies that people are using is their smartphones. Not only that it is functional, it is also compact and mobile which makes it the go-to tech for people everywhere.

With the use of smartphones grows higher, so does the manufacturing of apps and software for smartphones. There are a wide variety of apps that are available in apps stores that cater to different needs of different people.

For the health conscious out there, here are the following apps that can aid you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Diet: You Are What You Eat

healthy out

Source: Treehugger


It is no secret that when you have no time to cook a meal or that you are lazy to even cook one, the first thing that comes to mind is take-out or eat-out. However, eating out doesn’t mean that you are going to skip on eating a healthy meal.

HealthyOut by Rise Labs, Inc. is an app that serves as your personal and virtual nutritionist that helps you plan out meals that benefit your health through the week. You get to set your preferences to food ranging from the price range to the type of cuisine and the app will send healthy meals to your door. Moreover, it even notifies you when your food is getting delivered via text.  You can always edit and cancel orders.

There are many restaurants and eatery out there that offers a healthy variety of meals but people just wanted the delicious and ones that don’t really improve health. The app gives you the opportunity to experience and try the healthy selections that restaurants are giving. Your food defines your health.

Available For: Android and iOS

Cost: Free app but you have to pay for the service of course

Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary

Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary is one of the popular nutrition and calorie counter diary apps available. The app enables you to help plan your weight loss and nutritional goals as well as assisting you in maintaining that as your routine. This supports the science behind keeping a food diary avoids overeating.

One of its notable features is the barcode reader. Using that feature will assist people in making better choices in their grocery shopping for food ingredients. It is found that the shining moment this app has is the easy user interface if has when logging in food eaten.

Other than that, Calorie Counter is an app that also tracks exercise and activities that can be connected from a person’s FitBit. This makes it easier to track and maintain exercise and eating activities in one app. The only downside is one cannot access all the function without paying a subscription. However, if you really are determined to get in shape, this app might be a good investment for your money.

Available For: Android, iOS, PC

Cost: Free app but you pay a subscription to have full access

Food Intolerances

Healthy people shouldn’t get all the fun. People who have food allergies and intolerances also eat though. Though their diet is restricted, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have the apps that can help them with that. Food Intolerances by Baliza GmbH is one of those apps.

The app targets people who are suffering from food intolerances such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, histamine intolerance and fructose intolerance, to name a few. Information is not only available for food but for food additives and drugs as well.

So for people who are diagnosed with food intolerance, worry no more with this app. Other than giving useful information, the app also includes references on where their information came from which makes it a reliable source of food info. Note that the app doesn’t have specific info on a food brand compared to another but focuses on the general kind.

Available For: Andriod, iOS

Cost: $5-$6

Fitness: Get Up And Get Moving


Source: Zombies, Run! Wiki

Zombies, Run!

One of the reasons that exercising is “forgotten” and makes people stop doing them is boredom. No one wants to do something like exercising when they’d rather be gaming(totally not me). But what is gaming and exercise becomes one?

Gaming + Exercise = Zombies, Run! The app is an audio game just like A Blind Legend game, only this time you’ll be running. When you start, you get to hear the intro to the story that shows you need run, jog or walk in order to gather supplies to build your base, rescue survivors and escape the zombies.

And by escape the zombies, I mean you really should escape them. At random intervals, you’ll get to hear zombie noises in the background that symbolizes you are being chased. Hearing that cue, you have to pick up the pace. If all seem safe, the game syncs with your playlist that plays your music while you run.

Available For: Android, iOS

Cost: Free


so you think that encouraging and inspiring yourself in losing weight is getting a bit old and is grating on your nerves? Try CARROT Fit. If you are familiar with the Carrot apps from before, you’ll probably have a hunch on what will your fate be when you get the app.

According to Carrot’s description, CARROT Fit is a sadistic AI weight loss coach that makes it a point to insult, ridicule and threaten you in order to lose weight. The one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race.

Carrot will do everything it takes for her to make that a reality. So in order to stay out of Carrot’s bad side by losing some weight or get your chubby avatar electrocuted and be insulted when you fail. Carrot’s good side? You won’t be ridiculed or threatened. At least that’s still something right?

Available For: iOS

Cost: $4

Charity Miles

Maybe being insulted by your meager progress and how much of a couch potato you really are isn’t that motivating? Maybe those snarky comments and insulting threats are not sitting well with you? How about experiencing the happiness and joy that you feel when helping others?

Try Charity Miles. This app lets the users donate to charity with every distance, duration, and activity they do. How much you will be donating to a charity will depend on that three elements and will be shown on your dashboard. Supporting over 40 charities, you get to choose what to help by exercising which can take in many forms.

So get up and go exercise! Walk with your dog, walk, shovel some snow or go biking, the app tracks it all. If you think that exercising will only benefit you(and don’t care about it), with this app, you may want to get motivated by thinking you exercise for a good cause.

Available For: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

Live “App”illy Ever Healthy

Health is one of the most important factors in life. What you eat, how you move and your activities define your overall health. It is probably a chore to keep all of your health books and notes but with the help of technology, monitoring and maintaining them becomes a breeze.

These apps are not only for the health wary, though. They can be for anyone as long as they want to enjoy life better, happier and healthier.

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