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5 Reasons Why You Should Acknowledge Your Wrong Decisions


Should you wear high heels or flats? Is the bow tie looks better than the necktie? Are you going to go on a diet or keep on eating your favorite dessert? We might not be aware of this but every day, we are being bombarded with decisions that we should make in order to continue with our lives. May it be on how we should style or outfit, choosing the course in college, picking the topic on your blog, or whether you will going to quit your job or not.

There are instances that we don’t have time to think anymore because of under pressure. But there are also times that we really need to think objectively before we let ourselves choose a certain decision that will surely affect not just us but of course the people around us.

Unknowingly, there will be lessons that you will be going to learn while you’re in the process of decision-making:

Affects the values instilled within you

Your morals will play an important part in your decision making. Will your choices help you to become a better person or will let you harm others? The values that you have learned at school and the principles that your parents taught you will be greatly affected if you will create a decision that is contrary to the way you perceive things before you were framed in that situation.


When we were younger, there are a lot of things that we should and should not do. There were situations that our parents often labeled it as good and bad. As we grew up, we realized that those values that were being instilled in us could significantly affect the choices that we are making in our daily lives.

Helps you develop the sense of responsibility

This responsibility is not just for you but also for the sake of the people who are close to you. When you make a decision, think of the negative and positive effects of each of the choices presented to you. What do you think will happen if you will be going to make quick decisions? Will it change the way your family perceives you or will it ruin your bond with your friends?

We still have options though but sometimes we forgot that it still exists. Options are like the selections that cannot be found in the main choices. You don’t need to get stuck between those two choices because there are always more than two options. Whether your decisions will be about hiring a long distance moving company or not. Everyone will be going to benefit with the decision that you made.

Discovering genuine happiness you deserve

If you are happy with the things that are happening in your life after making that decision and if your loved ones are also supporting you all along, that is where you find the true happiness that you have been looking. If you think that they are not supportive enough, explain to them the importance of the decision that you’re considering. You don’t need to do rascal things to get their approval.


If they will see how passionate you are, they will eventually learn to accept your decisions. It might be hard for them at first, as the time goes by, they will be able to be fine with it. If ever you made a decision that won’t make your loved ones happy, even though you felt satisfied with your decision, you still won’t achieve that genuine happiness that you’re wishing to have.

Learn how to save and forgive

You are your life’s superhero. You are the only one who is capable enough to save yourself from drowning, falling, and breaking if the decision that you made starts ruining you. That’s why the choices that you make should be taken seriously because once you are trapped; it will be harder for you to escape. Don’t hate yourself if the decisions that you made end up not good for you and for others.

Learn how to forgive yourself and seek forgiveness to the people involved. After all, life is a series of do or die choices and we always end up choosing the wrong ones because of lack of experience and knowledge. You’re still young and you still have a long way to go. As what Marilyn Monroe once said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Letting go of your failures

Life is full of mistakes and failures that we wanted to escape from but what if by experiencing those hardships, we will be able to become the better person we never knew. We’re afraid to commit to something that is unsure and still vague to us. In life, there’s no in between. It will always be between black and white, not gray. You need to take the risk to find the change that you are seeking.


Let go of the notion that you are not good enough because your decisions don’t always seem to fit. Even if that is what your intuition told you, you still messed up everything. You are just human. You commit mistakes. You frequently experience failures but you know what, that’s okay. It simply means that you are open to the idea of changing your life through the decisions that you are making.

Your past is different from your future. You were way younger back then and your experiences are not yet enough to help you in making a decision. If you think that the same choice that you made a long time ago greatly affected who you are in a negative way, maybe this time it’s different. You will never know until you grab that similar opportunity again without looking back. Regret is inevitable when you talk about making decisions but it is acceptable to feel that way. The worst and saddest case that you will offer to yourself is: living in the world that is full of “if only”.

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