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Reasons Why 31 is the Age Where Life is Most Expensive


By this time, you might be the person who hasn’t figured out her life yet. Maybe, you are that teenager who doesn’t have any idea what it means to live as an adult. Or, maybe you are now at the stage where everything starts to become unreachable. Do you often wonder? Why do things need to go the way it shouldn’t be?

Questions. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. However, you don’t know where to get the answers. You don’t even have any idea on how to get a solution for that. Everything starts to be stagnant. Your body wants to move forward but your mind doesn’t even have any plans.

According to a recent survey conducted by ClearScore, 31 is the age where your life will be most expensive. This is the result after they surveyed 3,000 people. Listed below are the reasons why this age is the most voted age among others.

Reason #1 You are getting married

In the same survey, 27 percent said that the money they spent went to their expenses when they got married. The age 31 is a perfect age to settle down. Wherein you and your partner are ready to build a family. However, how can you wed if you don’t even have enough money for it?


Also, if you are getting married, part of it is having a honeymoon. 14 percent of the participants agreed that their expenses also includes the amount they paid for their travel after the wedding. By looking at the statistics, you can already figure out why 31 is the age where life is most expensive.

Reason #2 You are buying a house

As written in Business Insider, “About 60% of those surveyed had savings to pay for everything, while 33% of 25 to 34-year-olds still relied on their parents to help them out. Just 14% of people over age 55 said their parents helped them financially”. This is one of the reasons why some of the millennials still live with their parents even they already have work.


Twenty-five percent of the participants said that buying a house is the reason why they spent a huge amount of money at that age. In this generation, it’s difficult to purchase a house. And, this is because of the debts that they need to pay when they were still studying.

Reason #3 You are having a baby

They say, if you will going to see the cost of having a baby, it will also make you cry like a baby. Guess what, it’s a fact. But, not literally. 20 percent of the participants answered that having a baby is the reason why they spent a lot.


Having a baby is a responsibility. If you are not yet financially ready to have one, might as well spare the kid from your dilemma. It is a good and joy to have a kid in your house but you also need to consider the consequences. Work well and do better in your job, if you have any. But, if you don’t have any, better start looking for it.

Money may not buy happiness but it sure buys things and properties to ensure that your family is comfortable. Whether you plan to stay single all your life and if it’s hard for you to get back on track. Even if you don’t want to have a baby. It is still important that you have your own savings to help you live. Remember, your parents will not be always there to support you.

Think of yourself. Don’t wait before you are already in the age where life is most expensive. Never wait or else you will end up looking for a solution than to use it for preparation. Learn to save while you are young. Whether you are 15, 21, or in your late 20s.

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