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9 Ideal Christmas Gift Ideas For The Health Conscious


It’s the month of gift-giving, alright. Tis the season to be jolly! We finally arrived in December! And we all know what that means. Yes, we have holidays, food and, more importantly, gifts and presents!

It has been a tradition to give(and maybe even receiving a few gifts wouldn’t be too bad) gifts to the people we love to show them that we care. Sure, we can give them gifts even without a holiday but the holiday season calls for an extra special present.

There are different kinds of people and there are different kinds of gifts to buy and give(and receive). Everyone has specific likes and dislikes. So if you are planning to give a gift to a person who health conscious or a health nut, what will you give?

Behold the list of the ideal Christmas gift for the health conscious and health nuts.

For The Active Sport:

Compression Leg Sleeves

Every active person knows the importance of compression leg sleeves for their exercises. This help improves their performance by enhancing the blood flow in their bodies and lessens muscle soreness and fatigue.

However, don’t just give them some plain old compression leg sleeves. Give them the comfiest and stylish pair that you can find. There is no reason for them to sacrifice being cool and fashionable for practicality and comfort when they can have both.


Headphones And Music Mix

Music and working out are a perfect combination that gives people plenty of benefits during sessions. It is found that listening to music enhances performance duration and intensity because they distract the listener to feel fatigue. It also puts the listener “in the zone” when working out which is a good motivational tool.


For your friends who love to go swimming as a mode of exercise. Enjoying their favorite music and upping up their session and exercise while swimming is a great reason to give waterproof headphones for them. With they’ll never miss their favorite tunes in the pool or in the open water.


Sweating is inevitable when you exercise. Don’t want sweat? Then don’t exercise. Your sweaty friends have no problems with it. They do have problems with their headphones slipping and getting unlatched when working out due to sweat. A nice pair of sweatproof headphones is a lovely fix for that problem.

Note: Make your gift more endearing and heartfelt by making them a mixtape or playlist of their favorite songs to go with the headphones.

Quick-drying Towel

The point of exercising is to break a sweat. It is the symbol that you did a good exercise session. Whether you are in the gym or at home, sweat is gross. Normal, but still gross. Super gross when you get to handle equipment at the gym with someone else’s sweat. That’s why work-out towels are important.

Still gross when your friends use a towel that’s still wet with their sweat. Equip your active friends with quick-drying towels as a Christmas present! Not only that this will help them with adhering to proper decorum with the gym, they also get to prevent colds that can result from their sweat drying on them.

For The Healthy Eater:

Vegetable Slicer

Whether they are vegan or not, give your healthy eating friends new and fresh ways to eat their veggies. A vegetable slicer is a great way for them to beautify their salads and greens. It is found that presentation is a big deal when it comes to food. People do eat with their eyes.

Not only will this gift turn their veggies into pasta, a healthier and more cost-effective way to eat those, this will also help them save time in cutting, slicing and dicing vegetables. This is also a great gift for your health-conscious mama friends to encourage their kids to eat more vegetables.

cooking tools


All-in-one Cooking Tools

Most healthy eaters prefer eating at home. This ensures that they get the best ingredients for their food and get to count the calories and nutrients that they will get along the way. One of the struggle when cooking in your kitchen is the pain of looking for your tools and cleaning them up after.

Giving them an all-in-one cooking tool will help save space in their kitchen as well as promote organization with its easy stash features. Chef or no, a healthy eater-slash-cook needs some organization, functional and easy-to-use items when preparing their healthy meals.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes deliver more than just home care and supplies, these boxes offer almost everything nowadays. Give that healthy eating friend of yours a monthly subscription box that offers healthy snacks as well as ingredients. The fun part? Most subscription boxes don’t tell what kind of snacks and ingredients they are sending. Mystery and surprise.

Subscription boxes are one of the great presents to give to someone. You don’t need to exert a lot of effort. You pay and the stuff that the person loves gets shipped right to their doors. Convenient for the both of you and the person receiving it is happy. Win-win.

For The Chill Yogis:

Wall Arts

What do yoga and art have in common? Stress relief. Art is a stress reliever. Yoga is exercise and also a stress reliever. Combined together, yogis will get a huge kick of “oms” and a huge boost of living a relaxing and stress-free life. A relaxed way of living promotes a healthier living.

This Christmas, you can get your yoga-loving friends some wall arts. And not just any wall art, give your yogi pals some inspirational yoga themed wall art for their home or yoga studio.

yoga mat

Yoga Mat And Bag

If runners have running shoes and health foodies have their organic ingredients, yogis have their yoga mats. And no, not all yoga mats are the same. There are a variety of yoga mats available that offers a wide array of attributes that contribute to a comfortable yoga session.

Buying not only a suitable but also a beautifully designed yoga mat as a gift will be more than appreciated by your yogi friends. Throw in a yoga mat bag to protect their mat from outside elements is also great to show the love.

Sound Box

Sporty exercises aren’t the only activities that get a boost with the help of music. It is universal. It affects people no matter what they do. In yoga, music enhances experience which makes the session delve into more than just the act of stretching and relaxing. It delves into the true meaning of calm and spirituality.

Give your yoga friends and relatives a sound box that can aid with their yoga sessions. Just like the headphone gift, compile some relaxing, calm and ambient yoga-themed music with it.

Happy Gift-Giving!

No matter what you give to these health-conscious people as long as they can use it with their lifestyle, they will surely love and appreciate it. If you think about giving someone a gift, bear in mind that it will be useful to them as well as suit their personality.

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