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Tiny Cooking: A Recreation


More and more people are concerned about health and staying fit these days. And trust me, I get it. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Enjoying life while being healthy is what makes people healthy. But being healthy comes with some sacrifices. Staying away from unhealthy food, and minding calory-intake for instance.

For those of us who are incredibly concerned with this issue, there’s a better and cuter option. Not to mention, it’s proving to be quite therapeutic too.

Can anyone remember back in 2015 when miniature food started taking over the internet?

Yes, that specific phenomenon is what I am talking about. And to be fair, it is considered a phenomenon. It took over people’s newsfeeds on Instagram, and videos of miniature food-making were all over Snapchat. But tiny food and tiny cooking popularity didn’t stop there. It went on to conquer Youtube.

In Carla Marshall’s blog on Tubular Insights, she provided some pretty solid statistics on miniature food making’s popularity.

“In the first 90 days of 2015, videos uploaded around this subject attracted over 8.2 million views and a combined total of 138K likes and shares.”

Tastemade’s Phenomenal “Tiny Kitchen” Series

The “Tiny Kitchen” series by Tastemade was born in 2015. To this day, it’s a show that centers around tiny cooking. With every kind of miniature food recipe you can think of, Tastemade has made many. Three years since, tiny food remains relevant. The videos on Snapchat continue. The Youtube video views aren’t dying down anytime soon.

The tiny food phenomenon has held people enthralled. Chefs have adopted the trend, and then we have our favorite YouTubers jumping in on the bandwagon too.

It’s quite the delight to watch tiny food being made on-screen. We have professionals creating these recipes with evident expertise. And then we have people like us who try to recreate the fanciful idea and it ends in one ridiculous mess.

But at the end of the day, what truly matters is that we’re all having fun…

We absolutely love what Tastemade’s chefs can do with the delicious food we’ll enjoy. Here are a few tiny food recipes Tastemade has. And you might want to try making these too:

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Tiny Carne Asada and Guacamole

Carne asada: Famous for its presence in street tacos, and burritos.  Fancy a mini grill party with your mates or your pets? Preparing Tastemade’s tiny carne asada with your favorite fixings is the perfect way to do it!

Screenshot from 2018 08 17 10 37 47 e1534473571169

Tiny Acai Bowl

Who doesn’t want to try this famous Brazilian dish in a miniature size? Mix aesthetics with a healthy bowl full of a wide variety of nuts, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, almond milk, and seeds. Topped with granola bars or bananas, this little Acai bowl is the perfect tiny healthy treat you’d want to enjoy just for funsies.

Screenshot from 2018 08 17 10 40 52 e1534473762537

Tiny Berry Crostata

The perfect combination of easy and fun. Crostatas are famous for being easy to make because of the free-form pie. Just fold the crust over the filling, and voila! Serve it warm with fresh berries and a tiny dollop of whipped cream, and you’re all good to go.

Tiny Food and Recreation

Scientific studies have shown that recreational activities can benefit your overall health. Cooking, in particular, is one of the world’s most popular recreational activities to engage in.

Depending on who you are and if you enjoy experimental cooking, here are some kicks you might get out of trying your hand at cooking teeny-weeny food:

Forget the stress of work. Have fun!

This is the first and primary reason people, in particular, engage in recreational activities. We all want to get away from the stress of work and daily life. We all need an escape from reality now and then. And there is nothing absolutely wrong with doing what you love to do the most.

Unleash your creativity

Cooking is governed by recipes ranging from simple to incredibly complex. But the fun part about cooking for yourself is the endless opportunity to try new things. Maybe add a little bit of your own personal touch to this, or try decorating that in your own unique way.

It becomes something personal. It becomes something to have fun with. And there’s no moral rule that says you have to follow a recipe exactly as it is.

Meeting the challenge

For those of us with a taste for the unusual, and for those of us who can’t resist a challenge, this is the perfect opportunity to take part. Yes, it looks simple at first glance, but once you actually get around to doing it, by the Heavens, you are going to regret ever saying that it looked easy, to begin with.

The idea of doing cooking with tiny utensils and tiny portions of each ingredient can be daunting for those who are too lazy to work towards a lovely output. But the accomplishment you feel after conquering such a task can make you think it’s worth it.

Feel satisfaction

Admit it or no, we all feel satisfied after doing a job well done.

In trying tiny food cooking, it’s no different. When we manage to follow a recipe down to the barest of its bones, we feel absolutely proud of ourselves. In the same manner, when we decide to add a bit of a twist to a recipe, experiment a little bit, and it turns out better than we expected, our inner selves are patting us on the back. ‘Congratulations on a job done well,’ it says.

Why tiny cooking?

But what makes tiny food cooking so unique? Why did it take the internet by storm?

Well, it’s quite simple really… It’s food. And it’s cute. Literally.

Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade’s head of programming, Oren Katzeff said it best during his interview with CBS News:

“There’s almost this feeling of disbelief: ‘I can’t believe that they’re actually making this dish that I’m used to seeing as bacon and eggs normal size, and it’s not fake bacon, it’s not fake eggs; this is real food being made in a real, tiny kitchen.'”

It’s an aesthetically pleasing sight, isn’t it? It’s creating something you only ever see on your computer screens. And when you see that special something become a part of your reality, the feelings of elation can’t be helped.

There isn’t a doubt that cooking isn’t for everybody. Not everyone enjoys the process of gathering ingredients and following a recipe (or experimenting, depending on who you asked). But what truly counts at the end of the day is how it made us feel.

What truly matters is that you had fun in your own tiny kitchen doing your own tiny cooking, creating your own tiny food.

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