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What are The Different Types of Liquor?


Liquor is a distilled beverage, an alcoholic drink made by distilling a blend or mixture of alcoholic fermentation products. During this process, diluting components or mechanisms such as water are removed to enhance the percentage of alcohol concentration.

When distilled drinks have a higher percentage of alcohol, they are called more challenging. Hard liquor is distinguished from weaker liquors by this feature. That being said, here are 19 distinct kinds of liquor, some of which you may or may not be familiar with.

15 Types of Liquor

1. Vodka

Vodka is a distilled beverage consisting of ethanol and water, occasionally with flavoring added. It is considered one of the cleanest liquors in the world. It is clear and odorless, produced from grains, potatoes, fruits, and sugar. It has a minimum of 37.5 percent alcohol.

Vodka is a product of Russia and Eastern Europe. Although it is served cold, it is often consumed without water, ice, or other mixers. Its usage varies based on where it is consumed.

2. Whiskey

Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage manufactured or produced from fermented grain mash, such as maize, barley, wheat, or rye. Whiskey such as Dalmore Whisky is often matured in charred oak barrels or casks. Whiskey is famous worldwide and comes in various flavors, including scotch from Scotland and bourbon from the US. For better taste, it is typically distilled 2-3 times.

3. Rum

Rum is extremely popular and is often associated with tales about pirates and military sailors. It is produced by distilling molasses or sugar juice. Rum is famous throughout the Caribbean Islands and several South American nations.

It is manufactured in several grades and is often used as a popular and recognized economic exchange. It is divided into three categories: dark, mild, and spicy. Captain Morgan rum is most likely the most well-known in the United States.

4. Tequila

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Tequila like Don Julio 1942 is a popular beverage often made from blue agave, a plant native to Mexico. Tequila made from 100 percent pure blue agave is highly sought after and sells for a more excellent price than many other liquors. Margaritas and tequila sunrises are two of the most popular tequila-based mixed beverages.

5. Gin

Gin is a popular traditional drink made from fermented or distilled grains. It is a dry spirit flavored with juniper berries. Gin was initially used as a herbal remedy, but it evolved into a product for social and recreational users as time passed.

Gin is typically colorless, although it may be yellowish. Gin was the most popular alcoholic beverage for many years until vodka surpassed it. Nonetheless, many consumers choose gin as their preferred liquor.

6. Brandy

Brandy originated from the Dutch word brandewijn and has an alcohol level of 35-60% created by fermenting fruit. It is frequently eaten as a kind of dessert drink after dinner. Brandy is typically produced from grapes, although it may also be manufactured from cherries, peaches, and apricots. Some kinds of brandy are made by combining aging and coloring. Brandy is also produced by distilling and cleaning pomace, which is a wine mixed with other fruits. It’s referred to as Eaux-de-vie.

7. Absinthe

This kind of liquor was created by combining botanicals such as wormwood blossoms and leaves with food, sweet fennel, and herbal medications. It has an alcohol level ranging from 45 to 74%. Absinthe is often green in appearance, although it may also be colorless. It is often known as the green fairy. Traditionally, it is not bottled with additional sugar.

8. Arrack


Arrack (or arak) liquor was traditionally made in Southeast Asia or the South. It is made from distilled sugarcane, fruits, red rice, and coconut sap. Arrack was mixed in ancient oak barrels and continuously distilled until the maker achieved the desired flavor and color.

9. Baijiu

Baijiu is a Chinese liquor that is transparent and colorless. It is also known as shoji. Bijou was made from grains or fermented sorghum. It is, in reality, one of the most vital distilled spirits, with a 40-60% alcohol concentration.

Southern China utilizes glutinous rice; northern China, on the other hand, often uses millet, wheat, and barley to substitute sorghum. Baijiu has a flavor that is quite similar to vodka.

10. Borovička

Juniper brandy, often known as juniper berry brandy, is a Slovak alcoholic liquor beverage produced from juniper berry. It has a similar flavor to dry gin and is recognized for its golden hue and lettering. According to Slovakian legislation, the minimum alcohol level is 37.5 percent. However, its alcohol level is now usually over 40%. This kind of whiskey is widely consumed in Poland and the Czech Republic.

11. Cachaça

This wine is made from sugar cane and is also known as pinga, aguardente, and caninha. It is prevalent in Brazil and the neighboring nations. Cachaça, which has an alcohol level of 38-40%, was frequently employed as a component in tropical cocktails.

12. Horilka


Horilka is a Ukrainian alcoholic beverage that is a generic version of vodka. It, like other kinds of liquor, is distilled from grains. Some variants were made using sugar beets or honey. With a 20% alcohol level, it is said to be less potent nowadays. However, some producers often raise the alcohol level to 40%.

13. Kaoliang

Kaoliang, also known as Sorghum wine, is a Chinese alcoholic beverage mainly imported by Taiwanese and Koreans. During the Ming Dynasty, it originated in Dazhigu. Kaoliang is a popular Matsu and Kinmen product with an alcohol level ranging from 38% to 63%.

14. Metaxa

Metaxa is a kind of liquor made from a blend of brandy, wine, and other tastes. It’s a Greek alcoholic beverage that’s sold in over 65 countries. It is considered to be very costly and to have a drier flavor

15. Mezcal

This alcoholic beverage is made from the maguey plant, an agave plant native to Mexico. This liquor is often used as a substitute for margaritas. Mezcal is derived from the Nahuati term for oven-cooked agave. Mexico typically exports this commodity to Japan and the United States.

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