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Want to Take Your Pancake to The Next Level? Nutrify It!


Usual is boring. Maybe you are getting tired of the same old pancake plus syrup combination. When you were a kid and up until now, that is the pair that you usually love to eat every breakfast. Since today is the National Pancake Day, this post is dedicated to one of the meals that we all love but with a twist.

Pancakes have macronutrients and micronutrients. Having a regular pancake can provide you with vitamins and minerals. However, if you have whole-wheat pancakes, it can give you a higher level of iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, and calcium. Pancakes can help you full even without consuming many calories.

Adding more ingredients to your pancake can also make it more nutritious and tasty. Below are the recipes that you may want to try at home to celebrate the National Pancake Day.

Fruity Pancakes

Want to stay healthy while eating your favorite meal? There is nothing you need to worry because these recipes will help you to achieve it. Since fruits have lower calories, adding it to a pancake that has a higher level of calorie is a perfect combination.


Sliced fruits

You have a lot of choices; you can make it as a topping of your pancake or mix it on the batter. In some cases, if you are sharing this with someone, it will be an excellent idea if you will going to make different versions that they can choose.

Stuffing it with fruits can also be a right way of making your pancake more different from the usual. You may use fruit jams to avoid problems such as frying the fruits directly on the pan. It will taste better if you have control when it comes to adding the fillings.

Veggie Pancake

For mothers who wished that their kids can eat any vegetables, this is the solution for that. Similar to the fruit, you may cut it into pieces or slice it according to the size of vegetable that you would like. However, it can put you in trouble since the cuts are visible enough. But, here is the trick that you may want to try.


Grated vegetables

Shredding the vegetables can be a good trick to make your child fall into the trap of making them eat vegetables. Grating it into tiny and thin pieces must be your primary target and make sure that it won’t be noticeable to them. Do not put too many vegetables to make sure that it will not be too obvious to your kids.

Unique ways to make your pancake

Aside from adding some fruits and vegetables, there are out of the usual flat pancake recipe that you can make out of its mix. You may not be aware of this, but you can create a new kind of twist in your pancake mix. Here are the pastries that you can make out of a simple batter.

Pancake as a cupcake


Using the pancake mix as the base, pour it into the cupcake pan to make it fluffy. You may also add some fruit tidbits to make it healthier and tastier. Top it with your favorite frosting or just simple whip cream.

Pancake as funnel cake


You can create this recipe by pouring the batter into the resealable bag and cut a small hole at the bottom of it. Make sure that the hole is not big nor small. Fry it in your frying pan until it is already golden brown. Flip it until you reached your desired color or crisp of your funnel cake.

Pancake as a donut


Having a donut maker can make this one possible. Since pancake mix is good as a batter than as a dough, the chances of achieving this without the use of donut maker are lower. Dissolve the mixture in the bowl. After you are done, you may put it in a resealable pouch and cut it—small enough and will not cause any mess.

A lot of recipes can be made out of pancake mix. That is why it is really great that we are able to celebrate this day. You can do the said recipes any day you want since it is not only limited to National Pancake Day. Enjoy eating and putting your pancake a new twist that you and your kids may like.

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