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Why Do Stressed People Need to Stay Away From Comfort Food?


When a person saw how burned out you are, the first thing they will going to suggest is to eat your comfort food. According to the study entitled, Stress and Eating Behaviors, “Given the rewarding properties of food, it is hypothesized that hyper-palatable foods may serve as “comfort food” that acts as a form of self-medication to dispel unwanted distress.”

What if you know that the food that you perceive as your go-to actually couldn’t bring any help to you? Here are the reasons why you need to prevent yourself from depending on your comfort food.

Not healthy for you

Most of the comfort foods are not usually good for our body. Despite of the thinking that it could heal our emotional afflictions, you can’t deny that most of them are unhealthy. In an article with the title, The 25 Best Comfort Foods, take note that the food listed there are mostly not healthy.


Notice that your comfort food normally consist of the dish that you love when you were a kid. Such as ice cream, spaghetti, fried chicken, french fries, and pizza. Why do we opt to eat the food we are familiar with? It is simply because it helps us to go back to how we were back then. But, you couldn’t deny the fact that these are still unhealthy for you.

Doesn’t improve your mood

As what Traci Mann said in her interview with Southern California Public Radio, “Comfort foods are the foods that we desire when we feel bad, but that doesn’t mean they actually improve our mood when we feel bad”. Mann is a professor in the Psychology Department of University of Minnesota.


There was a study that Mann conducted. According to her study, her “participants watched 18 minutes of movie clips designed to make them feel sad, angry and anxious. Afterwards, the participants ate their favorite comfort foods. Her results indicate that comfort foods don’t lead to mood improvement beyond what would have happened naturally.”

The Myth of Comfort Food is the title of the study. Wherein the conclusion states, “Results are likely not due to a floor effect because participants’ moods did not return to baseline levels. Individuals may be giving comfort food “credit” for mood effects that would have occurred even in the absence of the comfort food.”

Not a magic solution

Sometimes, we wanted to make an easier way to reduce our stress. As what the professor in nutrition, David Levitsky said, “We tend to look for a magic solution to our problems.” In addition to his interview with National Public Radio, “but in actuality, feeling better has nothing to do with the food itself, and it’s a very weak psychological effect.”

Levitsky added that “The comfort foods we turn to the most are the ones we ate while growing up, or the ones that remind us of celebrations.” That is why there is a feeling of connection. The kind of linkage between the food and your memory. It made you go back to where everything is not yet stressful.


Comfort food can help you to lessen the bad vibes that you are feeling. However, it is also important that you know how to handle it wisely. Never depend your mood on the food you eat. The most essential thing you need to do is to manage your stress. Always make sure that you do not ignore your emotions.

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