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Make a Nutritious Breakfast: Ways to Choose Your Cereals


Growing up, it is impossible that you will not be able to get a taste of a bowl of cereals or a pancake every morning. This classic breakfast meal, together with a glass of milk has been one of the best food combos. As we celebrate the National Cereal Day, it is essential to share with you the types of cereal that are good for your body.

Having a delicious cereal is good but making sure that it is good for your health is better. It is not a secret that not all these easy-to-do breakfast meals have much nutrition value. When you are choosing a box of cereal, you consider its flavor. However, since it is usually eaten during breakfast, you need to select the one that can provide energy to start your day right.

Your food choices affect your mood all throughout the day. Being able to eat enough essential nutrients can alter how you deal with your tasks. It is vital that you have a healthy food preference to help you survive the day. To have a healthier breakfast, follow these ways on how to choose your cereals.

Look for a whole grain

Vitamin B-6 and fiber are two of the essential nutrients that a whole-grain cereal can give. Your body needs to have 13 vitamins. Eight of the said vitamins can be found in the B-group or B-complex vitamins. If there is no ‘whole grain’ label on the front packaging of the box, you can go directly to its nutrition facts.


Knowing the ingredients added to your cereals is one of the factors you need to consider. Sometimes, other cereal boxes do not use the term grain. There are other terms that they are using such as ‘whole corn,’ whole wheat,’ and ‘whole rye.’

Never choose too much sugar

Keeping every intake in moderation is the key when you choose your cereals that are sugary. Try to limit how your children like their cereals. Ignore the claims that the box of cereal that you bought have fruits. It is not what you think it is. Most of the times, it is only a mixture of food dyes and gelatin.


According to Dr. Drew Ramsay, a physician who specializes in brain health, “Sugar is vital for your brain health – which is the biggest guzzler of the sweet stuff in your body.” Even though sugar can be right for you, you need to keep in moderation.

Choose rich in fiber

Before you choose that box of cereals, be informed that it might contain fake fibers. Known as roughage, fiber, comes in two choices, the insoluble and soluble. Understanding the nutrition labels will help you in choosing the right breakfast cereal for you.

choose-rich in fiber

Fiber can help you control your blood sugar, lowers the risk of heart disease, and decreases the chances of stroke. Since fiber helps you to increase the feeling of fullness, it can help you in enhancing weight loss.  

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