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Too Strict With Food? Maybe You Already Have an Orthorexia


If you want to stay fit and healthy, you need to ensure you live a healthy life. You need to know what you are eating before you will be going to consume it. When a person is into securing their health above anything else, they will live a longer life and prevents diseases. However, being too strict with the food you eat can lead to an eating disorder.

There are people who are obsessed with getting and being healthy that they sometimes forgot that it might possibly bring damage in them. And this is the reason why orthorexia was coined in 1998. According to National Eating Disorders, “orthorexia means being obsessed with proper or ‘healthful’ eating.”

In addition to its definition, “people with orthorexia become so fixated on so-called ‘healthy eating’ that they actually damage their own well-being”. How would you know that you already have this kind of eating disorders? Below are the things you need to take note.

Compulsive checking of nutritional facts


Whenever you are in a supermarket, you always make sure you checked the list of ingredients of the food you eat? If yes, to what extent? Checking the label is good but if you end up searching for it in the internet is another story. Every time you eat outside, you make sure that the food they serve are healthy.

Being concerned about the health of the food is normal. Of course, who wants to eat something that will harm their health? But if you are the kind of person that will check every inch of the ingredients and its benefits, there might be something wrong about you.

Stop themselves to eat other food groups


Just like people who have bulimia and anorexia, for those who unconsciously have this kind of eating disorder, you might end up cutting your social ties. Due to the reason that you plan your meal, every time your friends will ask you out, you refuses. Which is not good because you may be living a healthy body but you are not living a healthy life.

You cut out huge amount of food groups in your diet. For you, it is already a sin if you will eat sweets and pastries. Eating all meat and consumption of carbs and dairy is also a no-no for you. As long as the food is healthy, you will eat it. Your world only revolves in the word pure and natural.

Take this orthorexia quiz


If you are still unsure whether you are orthorexic or not, you can take a quiz to help you. Food Renegade shared it in their article, which can originally be found on Dr. Bratman published in his book Health Food Junkies: Orthorexia Nervosa: Overcoming the Obsession with Healthful Eating.

  • Do you feel guilt or self-loathing when you stray from your diet?
  • Do you plan tomorrow’s food today?
  • Do you sacrifice experiences you once enjoyed to eat the food you believe is right?
  • Do you care more about the virtue of what you eat than the pleasure you receive from eating it?
  • Do you spend more than 3 hours a day thinking about food?
  • Do you keep getting stricter with yourself?
  • Does your diet socially isolate you?
  • When eating the way you are supposed to, do you feel a peaceful sense of total control?
  • Do you feel an increased sense of self-esteem when you are eating healthy food? Do you look down on others who don’t?
  • Have you found that as the quality of your diet has increased, the quality of your life has correspondingly diminished?

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