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Different Recipes to Give Your Pound Cake a Fresh Twist


Some people may be wondering where did the pound cake get its name. Others might say that it is because of the currency used in the country it originated which is pounds but there is another reason apart from that.

In celebration of National Poundcake Day, this post only pays honor to one of the most loved cakes in the world. It was called that way due to the reason that it used to weigh four pounds. The ingredients used to bake the cake were all measured a pound in every ingredient, which is composed of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. And, that is how it got its name.

It will be greater if you will be going to celebrate this holiday in an unusual way. Such as, creating a taste on the regular pound cake you used to have when you were a kid. Here are some of the recipes you would love to have.

Fruit-filled Pound Cake

Colors and variants of the fruits used are two of the most important factors you need to consider. You have two choices on how to do this recipe. First, you can just make a usual pound cake recipe and to design it with a lot of fruits that your kid will love. Second, if your kid doesn’t like fruits, you can shred it and mix it with the batter.


Vegetable Pound Cake

If you are a parent, it is hard for you to make your kid eat vegetables. However, if your kid loves cake, here is a better option you can choose. While you are making your batter, make sure to include shredded vegetables that your kid doesn’t enjoy. You can pick any vegetables that you want as long as it won’t look more like a vegetable than a cake. It will be great to celebrate the National Pound Cake Day in a much healthier way.


Boston Cream Pound Cake

Topped with sweet chocolate that made it dripped all over and a vanilla flavored creamy filling sandwiched between two cakes is what Boston cream pound cake is made of. The dessert is perfect for people who love to eat chocolate and vanilla all at the same time.



Matcha Pound Cake

Incorporating matcha in every dish is possible. Having it on your pound cake is not a surprise anymore. There are a lot of health benefits that you can get from eating or drinking matcha-flavored food and beverages. It boosts metabolism, good in detoxification, and burns calories. That is why for all who wants to keep and stay fit while eating a pound cake, this might be a good option you may choose.


There are other unique ways to recreate these pound cake recipes. If you already have your own, you may be able to add these surprises for your family. For your friends who are tired of your usual pound cake recipe, the list above can be a great help for you. However, if you want to stick with your regular recipe, this is a nice trick for that.

Add hidden shapes

Similar to what Lindsay did to her pound cake. During the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, she baked a version of the cake by putting clovers on her pound cake. She even made a four-leaf clover that can be found in the middle part of the cake. It will be a quite surprise for people who thought that you will be again baking your same old menu.


Learn to play with all the possible recipes that you could make to make your celebration of National Pound Cake Day a fun one. But, don’t forget to make sure that you know how to balance your diet and your enjoyment of eating the cake.

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