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Most Weird Beauty Trends That Made Everyone Says OMG


Posting something that is peculiar to other people will probably turn into a new talk of the town. Through social media, with the help of the internet, of course, it is no doubt that whatever you will tweet or upload, might become a headline the next day. And, this is because people want to know something that is unusual to them, a laughing stock or something that will amaze them.

Even before the first half of 2018 ends, people are already making a buzz about the weird beauty trends. Admit it; you are also curious about how those people create a new look. To be honest, you just need to be creative, have a strong follower, and to be shameless. But, before you start to create the latest style, here are some that you may want to know.

Strangest eyebrows

If there is nothing to make fun of, people will always think of other unusual styles that will feed their thirst. Almost every girl or maybe some of the boys want to have an ‘on-fleek’ brows. However, that was before. And, that is because of these various brow style that I think you are excited to know.

Crown brows

In this style of brows, it only proves that tiaras are not just for the topmost of your head. It can also be put in your brows. To achieve this kind of look, you need to make sure that your eyebrows are thick enough. Doing this is a bit complicated since you need to put keep your brows in place, together with the sticker gems.


Fishtail brows

Last year, we were amazed by the feather and barbed brows, but fishtail took it to another level. You do not actually shave off a part of your eyebrows to achieve this look, you may use a concealer, and use your brow pencil to be able to complete the look. If you are thinking of shaving your brows, it’s your choice.


Lashes blings

Aside from all the hilarious eyebrow trends, your eyelash needs to be in the spotlight too. In this type of uniquely weird beauty trends, one of the names that top the list is the aspiring Dane makeup artist, Sofie Petersen. In her Instagram account, you will see a lot of her creations that are all makeup related.

eyelash-bling eyelash-locksofiapeterson

Sofie always comes up with newest trends, and by seeing her Instagram account, it will leave you in awe. She did eyelash locking, wherein she puts the locks of earrings together and inserted it on her lashes. The other one that this 18-year-old did was when she made the safety pin as bling of her lashes. However, she admitted that she is extra careful when it comes to this.

Funny nose hair extensions

If you are looking for something that will make you roll out of floor laughing, you may want to see this. This weird beauty trend is similar to having a hair extension. But, the thing is, you are doing it to your nose. Which can be a bit complicated in all aspects. This is considered as one of the most viral trends that will make you ask what is wrong with this world.


However, it still became the reason why people became a bit confident with their body hair. Especially for people who have a natural nose hair that exceeded the nostrils. The problem is, this might lead to new nose hair trends that will once again fire up the social media.

Achieving luscious lips

During rush hours, ladies would usually end in applying their lippies and they’re good. However, in social media, you can level up the way you do your lipstick everytime you go out. But, these lipstick trends need plenty of time to be able to achieve it since you do not just apply it, you still have a lot of things to do aside from a mere lipstick application.

There are lollipop lips, neon lips, and caviar lips. In lollipop lips, your lips will literally look like the sweet candy but without a stick. There is indeed an optical illusion that can be achieved if you are doing the neon lipstick. For those who are interested in caviar lips, you need to decorate your lips with edible sprinkles and you are free to choose whatever color you want.

lollipop lipswonderzine_mag

If you are a foodie, having these kinds of lipstick might give you a burden while eating. In some cases, you might end up not eating anything at all.

Following the trends are not wrong. Looking and making something that will trend is not against the law. As long as you know that it won’t hurt you or the people around you it’s okay. You are free to do anything. The most important thing that you need to consider is that style is different from others.

Millennials really do make everything to be fun to reduce stress and minimize the possibility of becoming bald. But, remember, people will judge you whether you like it or not. Question is, do you have a weird beauty trend that you may want to try?

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