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Invest On Your Skin: Use Food Face Mask as Beauty Regimen


Searching for beauty products such as face mask, cleanser, and moisturizer that will serve as your healing grace is hard. That is why, to those who have found themselves patronizing a product that helped them look good are lucky. However, if you are one of those people who ends up feeling irritated no matter how effective the product is, it’s time for you to ditch it.

Sting is not the basis of an effective product. Never listen to people who say that the reason why it’s like your face is being pricked by a needle is it’s getting inside the outer layer of your skin. It’s more effective if it will not hurt you. Please stop using products that tingles you and look for products that your face is comfortable with.

In order to have that radiant vibe from within, you must know the food you need to eat. But, not in this article. Instead of eating it, you will going to apply it directly to your face. Here are the natural face mask you can do.



You can use oats not only as a face mask but also as a face wash, cleanser, and soap. Here’s a good thing about it, it is recommended for ever skin type, even if you have a sensitive skin. All you need to do is to mix the oatmeal with warm water. It should look like a paste. Just similar to the usual mask, you need to rub it in circular motion and let it stay.

Coconut oil


Among other ingredients, coconut oil is one of the most popular. You can see it on every beauty product because of its miracle works. Since coconut oil is known for being a natural antifungal and antibacterial, applying it on your face can help soothe your skin. However, to those who are prone to acnes, please prevent yourself from doing this technique.



Just by smelling it makes you want to make your own chocolate drink. But, hold up! Aside from its delicious taste, this food can also be used as a delicious treat for your skin. Cacao or cocoa is known for lightening skin to avoid dark eye circles, reduces acne and pimples, smoothens the skin, and exfoliates dead cells.

Plain Yogurt


Having a dull skin will make you look older. Before doing anything, make sure that you have washed your face. Apply a small amount of plain yogurt over your face and around your neck. For those who have blotches and age spots, you can rub yogurt with lemon on your skin to reduce the discoloration.  



Aside from being the favorite fruit of millennial: avocado toast, everyone? Avocado is considered as a face food that you would want to use as a reason why you buy avocados. If you are looking for a good fruit that helps you to protect skin against sun damage and removes the tan you got from sun. And, this is because of the oleic and linoleic acids.

Face masks can be found on your home. You don’t actually need to buy expensive ones just because your friend recommends it to you. It may not be effective for you. First, you don’t share the same skin type with her. Before anything else, you need to know the condition of your skin before you buy a particular beauty product.

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