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PDO Thread Lift: Benefits, Risks, and Cost


What Is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a non-operative process of facial rejuvenation that transfers threads under the skin’s surface to lift the tissue. There may be tiny barbs or cones on the threads that help grasp the flesh. They give your face a more elevated, toned appearance when properly arranged, especially around the lower face and jowls.

When the threads are consumed over the first six months, they also increase the development of your natural collagen that can enhance your skin’s firmness for up to a year.

The procedure was dubbed a “lunchtime lift” because it is quick, particularly compared to a surgical facelift, with minimal downtime. It can also be referred to (for polydioxanone, a dissolvable substance also used in sutures) as a PDO thread lift.

More benefits of undergoing a PDO Thread Lift treatment are here:

  1. Address Different Concerns and Patient Needs

To resolve numerous issues and satisfy each patient’s needs, Haut Spa Medica offers PDO threads in various sizes. The thin mono threads are there, suitable for volume regeneration and skin rejuvenation around the chin and cheeks. There are also the tougher and thicker, bi-directional cog threads better suited for raising sagging cheeks, jowls, and neck.

  1. Safe and Gradually Absorbed by the Body

Using Polydioxanone or PDO, facial rejuvenation is healthy and does not cause allergic reactions. In various medical fields, including cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, gynecology, and others, this K-FDA and CE cleared absorbable substance has been in use for 30 years for closing wounds.

Within 6 to 12 months, the PDO fibers disappear in the body absolutely. It is metabolized by water and carbon dioxide, which is absorbed naturally by the skin.

  1. Keep the Skin Looking Plump and Youthful

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Studies show that the use of PDO threads helps increase the development of fresh skin collagen, enhancing the elasticity of the skin and enhancing the removal of folds and wrinkles.

This also promotes skin elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis, all of which are important for achieving a more youthful look and rejuvenating skin quality.

  1. Immediate Lifted Appearance After the Procedure

Patients typically experience a clear lift and skin tightening shortly after the operation. However, bear in mind that when fresh collagen activation begins, the overall effect can be seen after two or three months.

It takes about six months for the PDO thread to disappear, so as long as the skin’s collagen retains the boost, the effects will continue for at least two years.

  1. Can be Combined with Other Anti-aging Procedures

The thread lift can be paired with dermal fillers at Haut Spa Medica to fix both saggy skin and volume reduction caused by the aging process.

This creates a full solution by strengthening and optimizing the look of sunken cheeks, droopy eyebrows, as well as sagging jowls and neck areas to counteract the symptoms of aging.

Are there any risks or adverse reactions? 

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The thread lift is a low-risk treatment, but there are side effects and a risk of complications.

After a thread lift, it’s not uncommon to experience the following:

  • bruising
  • swelling
  • bleeding
  • slight pain at the site of the thread injection

Complications to look out for include:

  • Allergic reaction in the ingredients of threading material
  • Bleeding due to the treatment that builds up behind the skin
  • Visible pulling or dimpling where the threads are embedded
  • Loop migration or accidental “movement” resulting in skin that appears lumpy or bulges
  • As a result of the thread being too “tight” or uncomfortably positioned, there is pressure under your skin
  • Infection at the procedure site

Of all the dangers of a thread raise, infection is the most vigilant one to look out for. Contact your doctor, urgently if you find that:

  • At the site of the operation, there are orange, purple, brown, or red discharge
  • Inflammation for more than 48 hours
  • Headaches recurrent
  • Fever

How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

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The cost of a thread lift varies greatly based on where you work, how much expertise the doctor has, and how many places the care is going to target.

One doctor estimated that a thread lift usually costs 40% of what it would cost to get a traditional surgical facelift. The estimated cost of a thread lift in the United States is $2,250, according to self-reported expenditures on

Your face areas that may be considered for a thread lift are your forehead, jowls, under-eye section, and eyebrows. You can opt to target either one region or many at once. It could be more expensive to provide a thread lift used to draw and tighten the breasts.

Thread lifts don’t need general anesthesia, so the cost of sedation saves you money. You just don’t have to consider taking time off from work for rehabilitation. Recovery is minimal, and you can do it in 15 or 20 minutes.

With this non-invasive procedure to achieve younger-looking skin, what are you waiting for? Book your consultation in thread lift newport beach today!


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