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Dying to Achieve the Spring-ready Hair Color? Try These Ideas


Your haircut is ready. All your outfits are all set for your spring outing. However, the problem is the natural hair color on your roots is starting to be visible. What are you going to do? Will you immediately talk go to the hair salon and recolor your roots or to talk about it with the expert first before you go on with the process?

There are some women, even men who forgot the importance of knowing their hair condition first. When you neglect how your hair looked like, you might end up damaging it. It is good to talk with the expert to know if there are things that needed to be done with your hair. Keeping your hair ready before putting any harsh product or ingredients is a must.

Things to do before hair dyeing

Before you start with knowing the hair color that will suit you. Here are the ways on how will you be able to know if it is time for your hair to get a transformation.

Amount of hair that falls

You lose a hair strand while you are combing your hair? It is normal for women to lose hair per day. According to Dr. James C. Marotta on his Style Caster interview, he advises, “Take about 60 hairs between your fingers and pull, running your fingers through your hair. Usually between five and eight hairs, which is normal. An excess of 15 hairs, however, is not as common and means you are losing more hair than you should be.”

Not having any dandruff

When you notice the flakes on your hair, your scalp may not be in excellent condition. See a dermatologist to know the reasons behind the occurrence of dandruff. You must know this since there are different treatment needed. The effectiveness of the product is based on the condition of your scalp. Make sure that you know if it is too oily or dry.

Having a healthy hair is vital before you decide to have it dyed. It must have life, volume, and bouncy. If it is not, you may opt for some hair treatment before you go on with coloring your hair. Once you are sure that you have a good and healthy hair, it’s time for you to go on with the color that will suit the spring vibes.

Spring hair colors you can achieve


There are at least 23 shades of brunette you can choose according to what you like. You can have a mahogany, cappuccino, light caramel, light ash, red-brown, cinnamon brown, and chestnut.

armstrong-mccall-official-brunette-hair-color armstrong-mccall-official-brunette-hair-color-2 armstrong-mccall-official-brunette-hair-color-3armstrongmccallofficial

Rose Gold

Aside from having the shade similar the color of the year 2016 which is rose quartz, the thing about this color is its youthfulness.


Midnight Blue

If there are dark blue and light blue, this shade of blue is part of the dark classification. However, it is a lot darker and can be a bit similar to color black. This color got its name because of the blue color of a moonlit sky whenever it is near the night of a full moon.  

midnight blue hair
midnight blue hair 2

Strawberry blonde

If you are looking for trendy hair color, you can choose this shade. Anyone can rock this hair color since just like rose gold and brunette, and it has a lot of other colors you can choose from. These shades will help you in making the shade more suitable for you.

strawberry blonde hair 1
strawberry blonde hair

Things to do after hair dyeing

After you dyed your hair, it is important that you know how to maintain its color and the elasticity of your hair. If you are not aware of the remedies that you need, your hair color might not last. Here are some of the things that you may want to do to ensure that you sustain the health and tone of your hair.

Wait days before shampooing

Your hair color needs to set to make it stay in your hair for a long time. Some hairstylist would recommend at least two days before coloring it. However, if you could wait at least four days, it is much better.  

Condition your hair regularly

When you are applying conditioner, make sure that you are leaving the treatment as long as possible or as prescribed. Conditioner must only be used after you dye your hair and not before or the color may fail.

Never sleep with wet hair

Here’s a trick that you can follow. If your hairstylist prevents you from using hair tools that will damage your hair and one of them is a hair dryer, you can braid your hair to avoid elasticity to happen. If ever you are washing your hair, do not use hot water.

Being ready is important if you want to ensure that your crowning glory is still strong and vibrant. When your hair is not ready, there is a possibility that you may not be able to achieve the color that you want or your hair will start to have some damage. In making your hair less prone to issues such as hair loss, follow these steps to keep it spring-ready.

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