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Solve Daily Beauty Struggles With These Hacks You Can Do


As what other people say, it’s better to be late than to arrive ugly. You will never know, that will be the time where you will be meeting the one for you. However, being late is something that you need to stop doing. Most especially if your reason is that you need to make your winged-eyeliner even. Please, girl, don’t. Just don’t.

One of the reasons why you are always late is not because of the everyday problems. Actually, it is because you don’t know the ways that will help you do the application faster. You don’t need to worry, we got your back. Here are the fun and easy hacks that are doable enough to solve your daily beauty struggles.

Uneven eyeliner

Having a right liner tip is essential to make your eyeliner even. There are a lot of liner tips that you can use, and you shouldn’t use. The eyeliner brush is the most common liner tip that is being used by almost everyone. Dome-shaped semi flat brush, angled bent eyeliner brush, flat angled tip brush, and flat tip brush are other brushes you can use.

Aside from the correct liner brushes, there is one favorite hack you can use, well, aside from the dangerous knife hack. Using tape or sticky notes can be a perfect hack to have an even eyeliner. Through this, you may able to lessen the mess. Also, it is good to create a straight cat-eye.

Not having on-fleek brows

No matter how you try to make your brows similar to each other, you may not do that. Never ignore the natural arch of your eyebrows just to make both brows equal. It is better that you have knowledge about what is right for your face. Here are the ways on how you can get a good eyebrow, as listed by Her Campus.

Step #1: Shape your brows

Step #2: Find the right color pencil

Step #3: Fill in your brows

Step #4: Clean up with concealer


Reverse contour


Wanting to make your face look smaller? Or you just want to keep that fierce face? However, you don’t know how to, this is the right contouring you need to do as stated by Marie Claire. First, you need to carve it out. Next, define your jaw. After that, blend the product you used. Then, define your hairline and chisel your nose. The last part, you need to add the blush.


Creating imperfect crease

In every eye shape, there will always be that particular eyeshadow style you need to use. Assess the shape of your eyes. Are you a monolid or do you have double lids? Since your eyes serve as a canvas, you need to know the kind of makeup you need to use. Aside from that, you should also know the types of brushes that you should be using. Well, unless you are comfortable with just using your fingers.

According to Leaf, there are eyeshadow formulas you can use. These are a cream shadow, liquid and stick shadows, pressed powder shadow, and loose pigment. Eyeshadow finishes are also great to apply if you still have enough time. But, if you are already running late, leave it like that.

Knowing these tricks can help you solve your daily beauty struggles. Having a little knowledge about these hacks can help you save more time. In addition to that, if you are late, it can be too inconsiderate for others who did their best to arrive early. Applying makeup is good but you also need to think of the ways to make everything easy for you.

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