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Natural Summer Glow? Choose to Live with Honey


As the heat of the sun starts to shine, everyone is giddy about the idea of summer. Every family are now planning where to go and to know the things they need to buy. For girls, it is one of their essential to stay fit and to avoid skin problems. However, you can’t get away from this kind of problem. But, the good news is, you can cure the problems to have a natural summer glow.

One of the problems you might be experiencing is not having a glowing skin. Other people tend to show more skin since it’s hot. Some would even go to their dermatologist to help them with their problem. We are aware that not all can afford to have their skin treated by a doctor. So, here’s the natural way in order to keep your skin glow this summer.

With the use of honey, you won’t only have a delicious way to treat your skin. You also have an opportunity to let your skin rest from all the chemicals you’ve tried to achieve a natural summer glow. Below are the reasons why you need to use honey in all your beauty regimen.

Keeps your skin clear


Honey is a good ingredient when it comes in doing do-it-yourself facial scrub and wash. Since your skin need exfoliation, you need an antibacterial ingredient. Honey is an effective thing you can use against skin issues such as pimples and acnes. In exfoliating your skin, you need to boost the moisturizing properties and to keep your skin nourished. Once you used honey to wash your skin, you are keeping your skin free from blemishes and softens your skin.

Makes skin well-hydrated

When you have honey, you are giving your skin the chance in getting wide range of beauty treatments. One of those is to make sure you have a well-hydrated skin. Since it’s summer, it’s a must that you know the natural way of keeping your skin moisturized. Honey is full of enzymes and nutrients that has the ability to heal your skin and to nourish it.

Helps fade scars

Having scars on your skin, for example on your face or at your back can be a bit uncomfortable to look at. You’ve tried a lot of skin products but you still end up not getting the results you are expecting to have. You don’t need to worry about that. Honey is here to help you get through that problem in order for you to have a natural summer glow.


Honey has the capacity to lighten the skin due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory factors. It helps you reduce the scars and contributes a lot in skin tissue regeneration and healing. With honey you can bring back your flawless skin in no time.

Unclogs pores

You will never get any do-it-yourself disasters when it comes to honey. Dead skin can be one of the factors why you have a clogged pores. From spring to summer, there is a possibility you end up getting large pores at the beginning of summer.  

Kim Wallace, a natural beauty expert said in her interview with She Knows that “raw honey can help unclog pores while simultaneously delivering moisture to parched skin”. If you will going to include honey to your beauty regimen, you will definitely end up having that natural summer glow you want to achieve.

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