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Why Does Millennials Suffer From Hair Loss Earlier Than Generation Before Them


Experiencing hair loss are not only because you are aging and getting older. There are other factors why you see strands of hair on the floor after you comb it. According to the survey conducted by Tsinghua University in Beijing to 4,000 students. Almost 60% of the participants were found to be suffering from hair loss problems due to some aspects.

In addition, 40% of the respondents who are part of the study stated that they noticed her hairline recedes. At the end of the research, the reason why hair loss happened is due to the course they took up. The schools of Marxism and arts, for example, experience such problems since most of them are mathematics and science students.

Millennials are prone to these kinds of hair problems because of the evolution of their lifestyles. Unlike before, their activities are more prone to skin-damaging recreations that may cause stress to their hair follicles. You might be doing something wrong with your hair. Here is the situation you need to avoid to have a well-maintained and healthy strand.

Getting poor nutrition

Having a well-balanced diet is essential to keep your hair follicle healthy. There are types of food that you need to add to your every meal to ensure its condition. If you are dreaming of having a long, vibrant, and strong hair, you must be aware of this food that will help you in keeping your scalp in good condition.


Since hair is composed of protein, it is essential to eat food that is also rich in protein. You could eat chicken and egg and make it is a part of your meal. Leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, citrus, beans, oatmeal, oysters, and sweet potatoes are some of the food that you could eat to minimize the chance of hair loss.

Weak hair shaft

Once you noticed that your hair starts to frizz, dry, and oily, you must be aware that these are the signs of having a weak strand. Too much exposure from the sun and pollution are some of the environmental factors why you are experiencing hair damage. Aside from these issues, various hair experiments such as change of hairstyles, colors, and treatments are the reasons why your hair suffers from breakage.

Various hairstyles


Keeping your hair breath is the best style that you could give. Changing how you part your hair could give you a new look but does not sacrifice the condition of your follicles. By doing this, you are minimizing the exposure of your hair. Tight braids, messy buns, and usual hair ponytail are some of the hairstyles you need to limit yourself from doing.

Hair color and treatments

Getting hair bleach, dye, and treatment can be dangerous to your hair. Constant usage application of chemicals in your hair can cause serious damage. It could dry out your hair if you will not know the proper way of taking care of it. Too much white bleaching, dyeing, and hair treatments can be the cause why your hair starts to fall out.

Hair loss induced by stress

Stress and anxiety can be the reason why you are experiencing hair fall and breakage. The two condition might be different in some aspects, but hair loss is one of the signs that could mean a person is burned out. Stress can be the reason why various hair problems happen. One of the most commonly known conditions is Alopecia Areata which is a sudden hair loss in some areas around your scalp.


Due to the presence of stress, some people usually experience a mental disorder that involves their hair. This condition is referred to be habitual wherein the person is pulling her hair without even realizing what she is doing despite the fact that she’s trying to stop it. The said condition is known as the hair-pulling disorder or in its scientific term, Trichotillomania.

Telogen Effluvium is the term that is used for people who experience hair loss due to stress and anxiety. Always be in control of your stress. Once you make it overpower you, you will continuously suffer hair loss until you are done in managing your stress.

Learning how you manage your hair loss is essential to ensure that you won’t be able to experience the same dilemma again. If you think that you need to seek a doctor, do not hesitate to set an appointment. A specialist can do better when it comes to the condition of your hair. There are hair products that will help you control your hair color.


Bonus tip: If you are taking a bath, do not forget to massage your scalp. Doing this tip will help you improve the blood circulation. Also, it helps in the penetration of the shampoo or any effective hair products you are using. Avoid styling your hair with the use of dryers and irons to prevent your hair from breakage and other hair problems.

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