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Keep Distance on the Lens: Why You Look Awful in Photos than in Person


Whether you admit it or not, you have spent time researching for articles about how to find your perfect angle. Apart from that, you also search on knowing the good lighting for your selfie and how to get a good skin. Other people can take a good photo of themselves not just because they know their angles. The phone that you are using might play a huge part in that change, too. Maybe, you don’t know how to keep distance on the lens?

Photos you don’t exactly mean that it is what you look like. Sometimes, selfies would only make an illusion that you look different. In some cases, they would look good in the mirror than from the images they took using their phones. Such things happen due to some factors. If you have experienced any of these, let these scientific explanation make you understand why.

Reason #1 You are too close to the lens

If there is one thing you need to be aware of when you are taking selfies, it must be the distance of your face and camera. The angles you make when it comes to capturing a photo matter to prevent distort face appearance to occur. It is important that you know how to keep distance on the lens. This is the reason why sometimes you look different in person than in pictures.

According to Stephen Eastwood,  NY based Fashion and Beauty Photographer, and as stated to his blog. “Moving in closer allows for you to cheat perspective at times. As there is no reference to go by. But in general if there is a reference like a nose, ears, eyes, forehead, there is a perspective that alters and the viewer can see it.”

In addition to what Eastwood stated, “It may be what you want, or it may not. you choose how to use it and for what purpose. There is no right or wrong, only what you want to achieve and get across to the viewer.”

Here is the sample of the photograph that he did to emphasize the role of the lens for you to capture a good selfie.

Stephen Eastwood | Various focal lengths

Reason #2 You don’t create optical illusions

Your appearance changes according to the illusions you are using to achieve a particular pose. As what the professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago, Nicholas Epley stated in his interview in The Atlantic, “People don’t really know what they look like. The image you have for yourself in your mind is not quite the same as what actually exists.”

This is a related to the first reason. However, you don’t only keep distance on the lens but your body must also be in-sync. There are tricks on how to make sure you will achieve the good photo and avoid distort face appearance. If you are familiar with any of them, you will surely know when and where you should capture a photo.

Take for example these photos that Halle took and posted on her Instagram account. Take note, these photos were only taken seconds apart.


Reason #3 You look different every day

Never compare your selfie from yesterday to your selfie today. First and foremost, you are wearing different outfits, and apparently, the lighting is not the same. You do not look the same not because you are transforming into another person, but it is due to other factors.

What you see is not what your family and friends see. This is the reason why you can say that you look different in the mirror than in picture you didn’t capture. Notice when a family member says something about your family photo. Once you commented that you don’t look the same, you will eventually contradict their statement.

This situation happens because of the mere-exposure effect. You may ask, what is this theory. The mere-exposure effect occurs when the more you see something, like your photo, the more you like it. What you see in the mirror is the mirrored version of you, and this is what your family don’t usually see. So, what version of you is what your family see? The version that you might not be seen yet.

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