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Forget Your Old Beauty Routine: Follow These Skincare Tricks


A lot of beauty products are now available in the market. Most of them are talking about how reliable they are. However, how can you make sure that the product you are using actually works? You can see much news about beauty products that could make your face glow. But, what if the product will do no good for you?

Take this, for example, you saw your friend. She now looked gorgeous that she was before. Then, you asked her beauty secret. After several conversations, you decided to try the product she recommends. You used it but after months of applying it to your face, nothing happened. Is this because of the product? Or is it because of your skin type?

Here are the tricks you can follow in order to make sure that the beauty product is effective.

Skincare Trick #1 Never use a product that stings


As seen in the recent article, “When you started to develop irritation to the skin barrier, the product you are using starts to build blockage. The result of the continuous usage of the product might make your face prone to drying, irritation, and breakouts.”

Don’t get fooled by some advertisers. Not because it causes sting on your skin, it is already making a miracle on your skin. According to Dr. Neal Schultz, an NYC-based dermatologist in his interview with Glamour, “You should never get worse before you get better.”

Skincare Trick #2 Apply to washed-skin

Your skin is like a sponge. It absorbs wet product better than the dry ones. If you will apply a certain product to a damp skin, it may take time for it to absorb. That is why it is better to at least wet your face before you use any skincare to your face.


Skincare Trick #3 Exfoliate your skin first

According to a dermatologist, Amy Wechsler, “Think of the surface of the epidermis—those dead cells—as a barrier. You have to remove it for products to get in”. Dermatologist Jeannette Graf stated in the same interview that, “Your skin has a firm first-come-first-serve policy. Whatever goes on first penetrates best.”

Skincare Trick #4 Know if the ingredients suit your skin type

Not everyone has the same skin type. As stated in the example on the first part of this article, maybe there is a problem. And, that problem is probably your skin. As what Dr. Schultz said in his interview, “If you use the wrong products for your skin, it might not only fail to get better but it could get worse.”


Also, he added in the interview that you need to ask these two questions to know your skin type. First, do your forehead and nose get shiny a few hours after washing? Second, are your cheeks dry and tight?

If you answered yes to both, you have a combination skin type. You have a normal skin if you said no to both. Having oily skin means you said yes to the first but no to the second. You have a dry skin if you said no to first and yes to the second question.

Skincare Trick #5 Coldwater on makeup

This kind of technique has been done by some artist as part of their beauty routine. And if this one’s not yet known to you, you can certainly copy this trick. After you put on your makeup, you may use the jamsu technique. It is popularly known as one of a Korean makeup tricks to make it last.

How to use the jamsu technique? For those who are interested, here are the steps for you to do it, as presented by Today Show: Step 1: apply your foundation and concealer. Step 2: Put powder on your entire face. Step 3: dunk your face in the cold water. Step 4: Pat your face gently using a towel and proceed on applying your makeup.

Make these skincare tricks as part of your routine to achieve the good skin that you want. It may take time but at least you are sure that what you are using are the right products. Even if your friends are using it, and it’s effective for them. It is still important that you know your skin type and if it will not cause damage to your face.

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