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Don’t Disrupt Your Skin Barrier: Stop Using Products That Tingles


Have you heard statements such as when you are experiencing stings, it means that the product is effective? Those were lies. It is the sign that you are using the wrong products. Everyone has their own types of skins. If you will insist on using the beauty treatment cream, you might develop skin problems in the future.

Mona Gohara, a dermatologist from Yale University, stated that “If you’re feeling a sensation from whatever you just applied to your face, it means you’re disrupting your skin barrier”. It means that there is a possibility that the supposed to be beauty care product is actually the one who ruins your skin.

When you started to develop irritation to the skin barrier, the product you are using starts to build blockage. The result of the continuous usage of the product might make your face prone to drying, irritation, and breakouts. In order to avoid the feeling of sting on your skin, follow these steps before you buy a certain product.

Ask for a product sample

If you are in a beauty store and the saleslady gave you a sample of their products, do not hesitate to get some. You may ask, why would you get the sample even though they are sometimes annoying. Believe me when I say that it will be good for you than it does to them. Once you tried the sample, you will be able to determine if it is good for your skin or not.


A patch test is a term for this kind of sampling. It is applying a new product to a patch of your skin. You usually put it on the sensitive part of your skin and leave it there for 24 hours to see if there are redness or irritation.

Thinking that your skin is not sensitive to skin care products is wrong. As you grow up, the condition of your skin also changes. It is always possible to be allergic to other beauty care or even in food. Pay attention if there is an occurrence of irritation, redness, and swellness.

According to Dr. Howard Sobel, a dermatologist from New York stated in his interview with Glamour, “People develop allergies throughout all stages of their lives.”

Read online beauty reviews

When a beauty brand does not have a free sample to give, and you are still undecided if you will buy it or not, the internet is willing to help you. There are a lot of beauty online sites and forums wherein all you have to do is register and become a member. If you are one of the members, you have better access to the forums.


However, some of these sites may or may not be legit and accurate. You can see more reviews on YouTube. A lot of influencers and vloggers are uploading their beauty reviews on this site. The good thing about this is you were able to see the exact changes that might happen. It is recommended to see it before you try those beauty trends first.

Just a tip if you are watching a vlog,  you need to make sure if it was a paid video blog or not. In this case, if the vlog was sponsored by the cosmetics or beauty products she is using, it is possible that she might be biased about it. You need to look for an honest beauty review to ensure that you will not get fooled.

Ask advice from the expert

There is no doubt that experts know best. Even with the presence of the internet and everything that you do is only about one click away from you, a piece of advice from the experts is a must. They will help you to find the cream that will help your skin barrier. Be aware of those who sell their products since they might be biased on giving the right skin care product for you.


Before you eye a product, you need to be sure that it is what your skin needs. Not everyone have a similar sk

in condition. You may have the oily type while the person next to you is dry. Asking your friend on what kind of product she is using may not help you to fix your beauty problems. Why? It is simple because the ingredients of the product are not applicable to you

You are now at the clinic. The thing is, you do not know the things you need to say. You don’t need to worry anymore. Here are the questions you need to ask your dermatologist.

1.) Is there any food that you need to avoid?

2.) What is the reason for your breakouts?

3.) How important is it to use the products that are applicable for my skin type?

4.) What are the beauty products that will not sting your skin?

Observe what you feel about your skin. If it stings you, maybe it is time to change your skin or beauty regimen. Remember, not because it cause tingles, it is already a good product to use. You may not be aware of this but you are damaging your face by attacking your skin barrier.

Do you want to keep up new with skin care tips? Check this out for latest updates.

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