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You are the protector of your body. You are the one who needs to make sure that it is well-maintained, healthy, and free from any illnesses. If you want to achieve a healthy mind, you also need to have a healthy body, too. It is possible to attain any of them without being able to have the other.

Good thing you found this blog, Wellness Fit!

We are sure to give you nothing but updates and latest news regarding health, beauty, diet & nutrition, fitness, life, and weight loss. Wellness Fit will serve as your guide, trainer, support, and a friend in every stages and goal that you want to achieve not just physically but also mentally.

Our help is not only limited to your internal body organs but also to your physical appearance. We will help you to get and find good beauty products, helpful tips, and natural alternatives & remedies that you can see inside your home and your garden.

A person who is healthy is happier than others. Why? It is because they are more confident with their health and not worrying about how will be their condition to the next day. That is why we are delighted that you decided to make us as a part of your journey towards a wellness fit life.


Making yourself happy starts with making your body healthy.


How can you be in a good mood if you are not feeling well? How can you manage to smile and enjoy your party if you have a stomachache? Of course, you can’t, and that is because you do not take time to care about the condition of your health.

Hi, I’m Donna and I used to think that being in good health is only about eating go, glow, and grow foods. But it is more than that. To be able to consider yourself healthy, you need to have a regular exercise, glowing skin, and a good mind. That is why I always make sure to keep the three things that I mentioned as a part of my routine.

Back when I was in elementary, I hated vegetables, and I do not regularly eat fruits. That is why everytime I see any green-leafy veggies on the table; I’d rather choose to skip my breakfast. But, it changed when I collapsed when we were having a flag ceremony. From that day, I made sure not to skip the most important meal of the day.

In life, you do not need to learn a lesson to know what is right or wrong. You just need proper guidance. Being able to be feed with updates and news about what is latest when it comes to appropriate health care.